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About Jen, your Celebrant

No couple or celebration is the same and therefore no ceremony will be either! 

I'm an Adelaide Marriage Celebrant, working with couples creating their Love Story and sharing their unique stories with their guests.


I truly believe in 'Unboring Wedding Ceremonies'. What's this you ask?


They are fun ceremonies, not one of those boring ones. At fun ceremonies people clap, and laugh, and cheer, and sometimes shed happy tears.  Guests are invited not to watch the ceremony, but to be a part of it.  

After having worked in the professional services industry for

many years supporting, mentoring, counselling and encouraging


 personal growth and success to young (and experienced) achievers, I took what I loved the most out of my experience... and this was helping and caring for people achieve their dreams. 

I love now that I get to assist couples on their happiest of days in their marriage ceremony, celebrate couples renewing their commitment of their love for each other, or naming days for babies or an adopted child being given their new family name with love and promises for the future.


Dan Evans Photography

I am so honoured to be chosen as the Marriage Celebrant in what is one of the most cherished memories and rituals of life, that couples or a family can have.

I will meet and discuss your ceremony, as it is 'your' ceremony that will be written for you alone. Holding a life ceremony is extremely personal and I will deliver this with the passion (and emotion) that you require, being sincere, fun and with the level of excitement that you want, which will be delivered in a relaxed and warm manner and above all ... all about you.

For those getting married, I'm extremely organised and will ensure all your 'legals' are taken care of so that you wont stress about a thing, giving you space to think about you and your partner.

I believe that love is love and therefore I don't need to promote the sector of weddings I will work with. There is no better thing that accepting everyone for who they are and that love is pure.

No matter what your ceremony is, my passion is to work 'by your side' with my total focus on your day, creating a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you.

Meet Ollie!

Is it a full ceremony to a short & sweet ceremony or perhaps you're eloping, maybe you're just looking for the legal paperwork signed or maybe you're looking at a vow renewal or even a naming ceremony?

Don't hesitate to call, email or click on Let's get in touch! I can't wait to hear from you!


Me and my husband, Charlie


About Jen Attard

I was born in Glenelg, the youngest of 5 girls, raised at Seacliff Park and after moving many times during my life (including London for 3 years) I now live, back in Glenelg. I pinch myself daily at how lucky I am to live in this fantastic suburb, state and country.

As a lover of wine, I believe our State produces the best wines in the world and not to mention our State's beaches!  As you can tell, I'm very proudly South Australian.

When I'm not working with my clients, Charlie (my husband) and I love to renovate houses, and we've recently renovated a 1935 bungalow cottage, which we rented out short term  to lucky couples and families.  We've also renovated our own home and just love that we've put our own stamp on the house. Charlie's afraid when I say "I've been thinking!" and he says "please don't!" I'm the creator and he's the hands-on mastermind who brings my design to life. We're such a dynamic couple.

We're the proud parents of Ollie, our Cavoodle, who loves anyone who walks in the front door!

Between us we have 7 children and 11 grandchildren (currently)! 

We're both very family orientated and when we aren't working (or renovating), we're loving the big family dinner we have or we're taking Ollie down the beach for walks.

So that's a snap about me, but what I really would love to do, is to hear about you and your ideas for your special ceremony!

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