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Things you may want to know more about


"When should I book you as my Celebrant?"

​It is so important to book in your key suppliers and early to avoid disappointment. Of course you want the dream team standing right behind you, so when you know who you want... book them and avoid that dreaded let down. Your most important suppliers to book in are Venue, Photographer and your Celebrant. These people will be the most important to help create your unforgettable memory.

Good Celebrant's get booked up many months ahead of time. Without a Celebrant, you have no wedding, so why wait? 

There are only 52 Saturdays available, particularly around 4pm, these dates are booked up super fast. I love Friday weddings, so don't be afraid to book a Friday ceremony. Guests genuinely get into a great vibe for a Friday celebration as they then have the whole weekend to relax!

Something to keep in mind is that September through to end of April are super busy months, great weather and most months have day light saving. 

So if you're thinking of a Saturday (or Friday) in these months, get in early.

My recommendation is as soon as you have set your date, book your Celebrant!


"How far will you travel for my wedding ceremony?"


I am based in South Australia and If I am available on your wedding date, I travel far and wide.  As long as I can get to your venue by car then I will be happy to travel. This is of course that I am not jeopardising my time for any other weddings I have previously booked.

Should your ceremony be more than 30kms return trip, there will be an extra travel charge, which will be included on your initial quotation, when we first start chatting about your ceremony.  This is charged at the reasonable charge as set by the ATO.

If you are choosing my 'Simply Married' packages then if your ceremony is more than 15kms return trip, I will include an extra travel charge. This will be included on your quotation.


"Will you travel for a destination ceremony?"

I am based in South Australia and If I am available on your wedding date, I travel far and wide.  As long as I can get to your venue by car then I will be happy to travel. I love a destination wedding and will definitely travel interstate, or to the country in South Australia.  My travel costs will need to be covered by you, so as long as you're willing to cover my air flights or petrol costs, accommodation, and a meal or two, then I am very happy to attend a destination wedding.  There are so many stunning places in which to hold a ceremony and I'm only to keen to see as much of our beautiful country as I can!


"What if we can't secure a rehearsal at our venue?"

I gently recommend a rehearsal for "Our Love Story" and "Together As One Ceremonies". 

If your venue is not available for a rehearsal, don't worry! We just need a space where we can imagine an arbour and practice walking down a mock aisle and standing in a line. I've done rehearsals in parks, on the beach, back gardens and living rooms.

We want to do everything we can to make sure everyone is as relaxed as possible and knows what they need to do on your wedding day. A rehearsal (wherever it may be) goes a long way towards that.

A rehearsal always takes considerably longer than the actual Ceremony.  A rehearsal is highly recommended and available upon request, however is not included in your Ceremony fee. Should you desire a rehearsal, I recommend you hold one as close as possible to your wedding day. To ensure things don't get too distracting, we only need your wedding party, or as many that can attend (subject to their availability). Of course, parents are welcome. 


A rehearsal fee applies to cover the cost of my travel and extra time required,. The cost is based on location, day and time.


"When can we start?"

From the moment you have secured your date with your signed Wedding Services Agreement and Booking Fee, your "Wedding Ceremony Pack" will be available, filled with so many exciting creative ideas!



"How do I make payment?"


After we've met and we've confirmed your date, you then decide you want to book me, all you need to do is sign my Wedding Services Agreement and pay the Booking Fee via EFT. My bank details are included on the form. I ask for a small Booking Fee and then I'll ask for the remaining balance 14 days before your ceremony day. This will be well after you have the draft of your ceremony script and everything is almost complete.


"Can you help us with recommendations of other suppliers?"


Yes I certainly can!  I work with many fabulous suppliers from photographers, musicians, DJ / MC's, florists, make up artists, hairdressers, cake suppliers, photo booths ... please ask me for any recommendations.


"What personal identification documents will I need to give you?"

I will require evidence of your name, date and place of birth. These documents will include:


  • A Passport, if it has expired your photo must strongly resemble the person it is identifying.

  • A Birth Certificate, this must be provided in English. If this is a foreign language an approved translator must transcribe the certificate.

  • A Drivers' Licence, which will provide your name and photo, current address and date of birth. If this is not current the photo must strongly resemble the person it is identifying.

  • Proof of Age Card, which will provide your name and photo, current address and date of birth.

  • If you have changed your name since birth, a Change of Name Certificate

  • If you have been previously married a copy of your last marriage's divorce court order / certificate or death certificate.

All documents provided must be original documents and not a photocopy, photo or certified copy. If you have misplaced your Birth Certificate, change of name or proof of cessation of last married, you should request a replacement from your State's Birth, Deaths and Marriages.


"Do you have a PA system we could use for music?"

I have a top of the range BOSE S1 PRO system and will be happy to look after your music for the ceremony.  The BOSE has a beautiful sound and it also comes with a cordless microphone for you to use when reading out your vows and I use a head piece so that I'm hands free throughout the ceremony. No fumbling with holding too many things in my hands. I have a Premium Spotify account and will download your music and manage this from the moment I arrive to you walking down the aisle married.  I just like to stress, I'm not a DJ and therefore can't mix music or start at a certain point of a song.


"How do I change my name after the ceremony?"

If you’re thinking about changing names I recommend Easy Name Change to take away a lot of the pain, confusion and time. It’s a great place to visit even if you are just looking for free and hard to find information or want to create a free checklist.  Once you’re ready to change names contact each company to ask what process to follow. You may need to send in some letters, emails and forms. If you have better things to do an Easy Name Change kit will provide personalised and ready to send name change notifications and detailed instructions for all your companies.


How do I change names?


If you decide to change names you’ll need your Official Certificate of Marriage to get started because the ceremonial certificate can’t be used to change names (in most cases). The Official Certificate of Marriage is issued by Births Deaths and Marriages. Here is the link to submit your application Births, Deaths & Marriages site


Make a list of all the companies where you hold an account, policy, membership or ID. This free checklist builder is a good place to start. It takes a bit of time and persistence to contact each company to learn their name change process. You’ll also need time to complete forms, write letters and emails. If you don’t have the time to get all the research and paperwork done consider a name change kit from Easy Name Change.


"Jen is a 'Certified Unboring! Wedding Celebrant', what does this mean?"


After completing my Certificate IV in Celebrancy in Australia and I became registered with the Attorney General to conduct marriage ceremonies, I wanted to be set myself apart from other Celebrants in Australia and do things a little differently. I didn't want to be the same boring Celebrant . I wanted to be "Unboring!" So I undertook further study, internationally and became a Certified Unboring! Wedding Celebrant, and now a part of a Worldwide network of Officiants and Celebrants.

All officiants and celebrants certified with Unboring!Wedding:

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